The following ecommerce shopping cart applications are fully supported in our web hosting environments. This list doesn't represent a comprehensive list of shopping cart applications that are capable of running in our hosting environments.


Magento is a feature-rich, professional open source ecommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento’s intuitive administration interface contains powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools to give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Designed to be completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Magento offers companies the ultimate ecommerce solution.


CS-Cart is a comprehensive ecommerce software solution with easy-to-use interface that allows you to start selling online immediately. Its feature set fits into businesses of any size, from a small single-product shop to a full-featured online store. Designed for ease of use along with flexibility, CS-Cart is equipped with the latest ecommerce innovations built into a highly configurable and modifiable sales and promotion engine.


CubeCart is an "out of the box" ecommerce shopping cart software solution which has been written to run on servers that have PHP and MySQL support. With CubeCart you can quickly setup a powerful online store which can be used to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers all over the world.


FatFreeCart is a free shopping cart. It works inside your website, your blog and will even work from your MySpace page. It is simply a copy-paste cart and does not require you to register with us or install anything. It works with PayPal and Google Checkout. It supports product variations, shipping, handling and sales tax.


LemonStand provides a solid platform to build online stores off of. Incredibly flexible, easy to use and full of powerful features out of the box; everything you need to knock that ecommerce site out of the park. LemonStand has been built with PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. Installation and compatibility is a cake walk. An MVC architecture was used to keep the codebase organized and modular. LemonStand uses a PHP framework called PHP Road that has many powerful features.


OpenCart is a turn-key ready "out of the box" shopping cart solution. You simply install, select your template, add products and your ready to start accepting orders. It has order management and multiple payment gateways already built in and we provide lifetime free support and free software updates.


osCommerce is an open source online shop ecommerce solution that is available for free. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, fees, or limitations involved.


PrestaShop is professional ecommerce shopping cart software that you can download and use for free. The big advantage of open source software: you're never "locked" to expensive commercial software. Our dedicated team and growing user community join forces to fix bugs and add new functionality at a rate proprietary software companies can rarely claim.


VirtueMart is an open source ecommerce solution to be used together with a Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla (and Mambo). Joomla and VirtueMart are written in PHP and made easy for use in a PHP/MySQL environment.


X-Cart is template based software with open source code. This means you can modify the look and feel and functionality of the shopping cart the way you need should you require any business specific features. The software has no logical limitations on the number of products. The code is optimized for smooth performance with up to 20,000 products. Due to the fact that performance depends on server configuration, special hardware, and software optimization, X-Cart can run with up to 500,000 products.