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We're thrilled to earn your business! We are very proud of our hosting platform, and we're here to help assist you in the ordering process. If there is anything you need that isn't explained or available on this page, we will be happy to assist you. We can accommodate any custom requirement you may have.

Basic Plan Premium Plan
Backup Access7 daily backupsAvg. 30 daily backups
Permanent Storage Space1 GB100 GB
SFTP AccessYesYes
HTTPS AccessNoYes
"Self-Service" RestorationsYesYes
Professional Restorations$100 each1 free every 6 months, then $50 each.
File & Database AccessYesYes
Off-Server StorageYesYes
RapidSSL QuickSSL Premium
Validation TypeDomainDomain
GeoTrust Warranty$10,000$500,000
Site SealStaticDynamic

Please read and understand our terms and policies

We've created a section of our knowledgebase devoted to explaining our various policies and terms. You can find our knowledgebase at this page. You can find these articles in the "Legal Information" section of our knowledgebase.

Terms of Service (TOS)

Our terms of service are a general legal page explaining the terms for hosting with us. We do not provide any hosting services to individuals who do not accept these terms. They are generally not intended to be overwhelming or confusing, but rather to protect us from unfair legal practices. While we don't like to have to enforce any particular terms or policies, our terms of service is neccessary to fairly protect our company from unreasonable litigation. Pleas read our entire terms of service.

Our terms of service require that you also accept our various policies in regards to hosting, which you can read below.

Acceptable Use Policy

Our acceptable use policy, which you can read in full here, explains what you are allowed and are not allowed to do on our hosting platform and netowrk. Very rarely do customers find themselves violating our acceptablue use policy; however, we still provide it here so you can read it.

Resource Abuse Policy

Similar to our Acceptable Use Policy, our Resoure Abuse Policy outlines what is abusive activity on our servers and network. This policy is intended to prevent customers from hurting the performance, reputation, or integrity of our servers and network. You can read our Resource Abuse Policy, which outlines how we handle abusive websites and customers. Similar to our Acceptable Use Policy, we extremely rarely need to enforce the policy.

SPAM Policy

You can read our SPAM Policy here, which simply explains that we don't tolerate SPAM on our network. In general we don't actively enforce this policy unless the SPAM is substantial in quantity or is particurally malicious in nature.

DMCA Policy

We take pride in properly handling DMCA complaints. We handle these situations "by the book", and fairly allow our customers and the complaintant all of their rights under DMCA laws. You can our full policy here.

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