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We've developed our own in-house statistics software from the ground up in order to provide our customers with the vital information that allows them to monitor the performance of their web hosting. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just looking to keep an eye on performance, our Crucial Data statistics is for you... and it's totally free.

Be empowered with information

Our statistics data are a favorite amongst developers who we host. We provide historical statistics on over 50 different metrics, which are polled on 60 second intervals and maintained up to a year.

We are constantly adding new metrics to our tracking software, but we currently support many different additional services such as memcached, redis, varnish, and more.

Information is clearly presented using professional graphing software, which also allows you to download copies of the results to image files or PDF files, making our software ideal for presentations.

Powerful In-Depth Statistics

Understanding web hosting services can be complicated, and we've created our statistics software to help try to make that more digestible. By presenting readable graphs of complex data, developers are able to make sense of changes that affect their site's performance throughout the day.

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