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Enterprise Backup Solution

All of our managed hosting plans are backed up daily with our enterprise backup solution. You can rest easy knowing that our system is working around the clock to ensure the integrity of your files and databases. Subscribe for a fully automated remote backup solution at the click of a button.

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Crucial Backup System Intro: Signup & Single SFTP File Restore

Be prepared for an emergency

The harsh reality is that most individuals never backup their systems, even if those systems are critical their business and livelihood. Most companies don't offer free backups, and even the ones that do tend to not maintain enough copies of their backups to be useful.

We find that most occurrences of our customer's needing a backup go un-noticed for several days, so backup systems which don't maintain historical copies of backups will not help you.

We maintain 30 separate backups of every server on average. For every gigabyte of data you have on your live site, we typically maintain 10 times that amount on redundant backup drives.

Peace of mind on top of a reliable environment

We've never once needed to restore a physical server. While our customers do take advantage of our backup system for their personal files and databases, we've planned our hosting from the ground up with reliability in mind. Most customers typically see 100% uptime, due to our fully redundant power and network configuration.

Even in the face of high availability hosting we provide, we still spend tens of thousands of dollars on our backup infrastructure. We're prepared for the worst case scenarios, and our enterprise backup systems ensures our customers are as well.

Backup System Access

While customers are welcome to generate and maintain their own backups, we've made it incredibly easy to utilize our enterprise backup system. After years of development, we've made available a extra service which allows customer to pay to access our enterprise backups and have an instant backup strategy at the click of a button.

For less than $5 per month, customers can easily and quickly access the data stored in our backup archives. We also allocate space which can be utilized by our customers to store compressed archives of their backups for as long as they like.

This backup access is not required; we will still restore your server for free in the event of a disaster or failure outside of your control/responsibility (natural disaster, hardware failure, etc). In the event you choose to not subscribe to this additional service, we still offer a one time professional restoration of $100.

Video Demonstration:
Crucial Backup System Intro: Signup & Single SFTP File Restore

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