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Dedicated ServersPowerful Servers for Demanding Applications

* Monthly price is the starting price for the six month billing cycle

All Plans Include:

Dedicated servers are deployed as virtual server instances, where your virtual environment is the only one on the entire physical server. This configuration allows for better control over your environment, allowing our technical support staff to better mitigate problems and provide faster support.

Our technical support staff maintains the integrity of your physical server. We provide the same pro-active attention to your hardware components as we do for all of our servers. We will hot-swap any hardware where possible, in order to mitigate downtime and performance impact.

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Hot SwappableDisk Drives

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RedundantPower & Network

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GigabitNetwork Uplinks

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EnterpriseIntel SSDs

Need a completely custom dedicated server?

We can build any server you need. All of our servers are built by our staff from scratch and racked in our secure data center cages.

  • IntelIntel
  • KingstonKingston

Competitive brand-new custom server pricing

We own all of our hardware, build every server by hand and order brand new parts directly from our server vendors. This allows us to fulfill any need our customer may have for a custom dedicated system. Our pricing is extremely competitive, and most orders can be provisioned and online in just a few business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is server management? You can choose to pay extra for the premium technical support we provide for split-dedicated and split-shared plans.
  • How many IP Addresses do I get? We can provide as many IP addresses as you need, as long as they have appropriate justification.
  • Is there a money back guarantee? No, at this time we do not provide a money back guarantee for dedicated servers due to our non-refundable cost to vendors.
  • Do I get root access? If you do not pay for the optional server management, then you are given full root access to manage your dedicated server.
  • How am I billed? You can choose to pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually. The longer your billing term the larger the discount we offer.
  • Is there a SLA? Yes, you can read about SLA here.

Professional Server Management

We offer an optional server management solution you can pay extra for. This service provides you with the same features as our split-dedicated plans, which covers the cost and work of installing many valuable features like KernelCare, cPanel, Litespeed, and much more.

In exchange for not having root access, our server management allows us to provide you with around the clock technical support. We do our best to constantly develop new features to ensure there is little trade-off in regard to control you have over your application. Our professional server management is something even our most demanding customers have come to love, as it provides a "best of both worlds" for developers and security-minded business owners.

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