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Magento Malware Scanner

Our Magento anomaly scanner plays a similar role to how an anti-virus scanner would work on your PC. By comparing your shop's code to the way those files should be, our exclusive tool is able to quickly find and display malicious code.

Our scanner comes free of charge for all of our split-dedicated and dedicated server plans at this time.

X-Ray Precision

Our scanner is able to show what changes have been made to your Magento store's code base. In addition to simply showing you what files have been changed, these files are analyzed to look for malicious code that may have been inserted.

Most scans take less than 10 seconds to complete, unlike typical virus scanning software. Much of the calculation is done off of your account and server, so you also don't deal with the intensive analysis done by our systems.

Time Tested and Proven

In our decade of providing web hosting, we've dealt with many examples of out-dated installations getting exploited. While Magento typically is secure, we see individuals and businesses making the mistake of setting up less secure software alongside it. The reality is that even if you maintain a secure Magento installation, an attacker might find another way into your account via out-dated or insecure blog software.

Most exploited applications go unnoticed until the result of the attack shows itself. While our enterprise backup system allows customers to roll-back their site many weeks, the best approach to security is a proactive one. With our malware scanner, you can look for malicious changes to your files, which empowers you to more quickly assess malicious changes.

If you identify a malicious change to your Magento files, our technical support staff can assist you in identifying the true source of the attack. Unlike most hosting companies which keep very limited logs, our hosting platform maintains log records for 30 days typically.

Our malware scanner at a glance

Click some of the thumbnails below to see our convenient GUI for scanning your magento store in cPanel. In the following examples, get.php and Mage.php were modified to include malicious code.

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