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Custom PHP Configuration

Our exclusive in-house tool allows our customers to quickly and easy modify multiple versions of PHP at once. We offer the most advanced platform for PHP hosting available, and we pride ourselves in frequently updating our platform with each new release.

Developer friendly PHP access

We run the latest available PHP binaries, and we offer multiple versions all the way back to PHP 5.3 for compatibility. Whatever your application needs, our hosting platform provides the appropriate version of PHP for you.

In addition to running the latest versions, we also have created an in-house tool to allow our customers to quickly and easily manage the configuration of each PHP binary on their server.

Built ground-up with PHP in mind

The most popular applications online are backed by PHP. While we support other development languages, we've put a lot of time into our PHP platform. Our web server is specifically tuned for high-demand applications and PHP extensions like Zend OpCache.

Whether you're a seasoned PHP developer or you've never touched a line a code, our in-house tool makes it extremely simple to enable or disable extensions, as well as make configuration changes to the server.

PHP Hosting Nirvana

With most budget web hosts only allowing one single version of PHP, our platform brings customers the piece of mind to know that their application will continue working for years. Users who want to keep up with the latest changes can utilize the newest versions, typically updated within a few days of release.

Our LiteSpeed web server is tuned to utilize the quickest possible communication with a proprietary PHP API, which harnesses the performance improvements of our platform.

Whether you're running Magento, Wordpress, Drupal, or any of the other thousands of web applications built using PHP, you'll immediately enjoy the convenience of our easily configured platform.

Our In-house tool at a glance

Click some of the thumbnails below to see our convenient GUI for managing PHP, which our customers can find in cPanel.

Perfect PHP Hosting Platform

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