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Our Resource Abuse Policy

This article details our resource abuse policy for our different hosting plans.

This article was last updated on August 14th, 2015

Our policy at a glance

In general we rarely enforce any sort of resource abuse policy. Our platform is designed to isolate customers in such a fashion that they can't affect other customers, so it's fairly rare that we have to actually enforce this policy.

While we want to be clear in our policy, we also want to make exceptions to this policy where appropriate for our customers. Not every abuse case is the same, and we don't do things "by the book" in every case. We try to be lenient whenever possible.

We recommend you read our DMCA Policy and our SPAM Policy, as both of these can result in action being taken against your account.

What is never acceptable

If your account, for any reason, is being used to facilitate illegal activity (based on U.S., Arizona, or local laws relative to our company), we may disable or remove your account from our hosting platform. This applies to accounts which become exploited due to vulnerabilities in the customer's application.

Backup and Archive Storage (Shared Hosting)

We understand that archives and backups must be created or transferred and temporarily stored on the server. Backups and compressed archives should be removed from the server once they have been used, or downloaded for remote storage. We allow compressed archive storage for a period of seven (7) days on any file less than 5GB in size. Archives larger than 5GB may not be stored on the server for longer than necessary. After the seventh day any compressed archive or backup will be removed from the server. This archive storage limitation does not apply to any dedicated hosting product.

We offer an Enterprise Automated Daily Remote Backup System which stores a daily backup of your account files and databases) for a minimum of 30 days remotely and does not count against your account disk space. You can find more information about our Enterprise Backup Product in your cPanel and at the following URL:

When your account is affecting other customers negatively

This basically never happens. Due to the structuring of our hosting platform, it's extremely rare for one customer to impact another. We will make every effort to move a customer who is excessively using resources to a system with more resources available. In the very unlikely event that is impossible, we may restrict a customer's usage in order to improve the experience for our other customers. We want to stress that doing this would be unprecedented.

We try to work with customers who have been hacked

While overwhelmingly our customers keep their applications up to date, not every customer does. In the event a customer's application gets exploited and a hacker uses their account to abuse our server or network, we generally make an effort to help our customers in those situations. Depending on the severity of attack on a customer's account, we may be able to provide assistance; however, it is ultimately the customer's responsibility to maintain their application.

In the event your application is hacked and is being used for illegal, malicious, or abusive activity, we may suspend your account and/or disable access to your website.

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