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Professional support, backed by serious technology

Our managed hosting platform incorporates the best enterprise server software and hardware configurations, to bring you a platform that meets your needs. We back up our systems with professional technical support available 24/7/365 to bring you a hosting platform you can depend on.

Professional Server Management

We offer an optional complete server management solution for all dedicated server platform. This service provides you with the same server management features as our split-dedicated plans, which covers the cost and work of installing many valuable features like KernelCare, cPanel, Litespeed, LiteMage, PostgreSQL, or any other compatible software.

In exchange for not having root access, our server management allows us to provide you with around the clock technical support. We do our best to constantly develop new features to ensure there is little trade-off in regard to control you have over your application. Our professional server management is something even our most demanding customers have come to love, as it provides a "best of both worlds" for developers and security-minded business owners who wish to always have their system software & security up to date.

Whatever you need

Our professional support staff is ready to support you with anything you need. Whether you're running custom software that needs specific services or you're using popular web applications like Magento or Wordpress, we've got you covered. Our technical support staff has years of experience, and we're prepared to meet your technical needs 24x7.

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Cloud Hosting

Fast & Scalable


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Daily Backups


with latest PHP

LiteSpeed Web Serverwith latest PHP binaries

We don't cut corners in any regard when it comes to our hosting platform, and our web server integration is no exception. We pay thousands of dollars every month to foot the bill for licensing costs for many enterprise software suites, like our LiteSpeed Web Server. LiteSpeed is currently the fastest and most versatile web server for a web hosting environment. There's no difference in how you configure your sites compared to a standard Apache server, but the benefits from improved performance and our in-house integration are substantial.

We leverage the LiteSpeed API in order to integrate with our custom PHP binaries. While this doesn't require any changes for our customers, it allows customers to easily modify their PHP settings and switch between major PHP releases. On our hosting you can easily switch between PHP 5.3 though PHP 7.3, and our in-house cPanel integration empowers you to enable popular PHP extensions in real-time.

Our custom systems are designed to ensure that the web server and PHP are properly configured for one-another. Extensions like Zend OpCache also require persistent PHP connections to be maintained, which is all handled behind the scenes with our free cPanel tools. All of our exclusive features are easy to use, and take away the complexity of server management so you can focus on your application.

24/7/365Fast & Professional Support

Providing professional technical support is something we take very seriously. Our managed hosting services aren't cheap (included in the price of Split-Dedicated plans), but we strive to ensure it's worth every penny. We maintain a relatively small support staff of highly experienced employees. We don't outsource any of our technical support, and our professional staff is available around the clock all year.

One of the reasons that our company is so successful is because our customers tend to stay customers for a very long time, which is something we attribute to the quality of support we offer. Though we don't offer phone or live chat support, our staff is always waiting for tickets or emails to assist our customers immediately. Most customers have issued resolved within a few minutes of submitting a ticket.

Many of our competitors have "tiers" of technical support, which range from minimum-wage chat technicians all the way up to the people who can make any significant changes. At Crucial Hosting, all of our employees are involved in providing technical support. Frequently the owner of our business is involved in replying to tickets and assisting customers. It's very likely that the person who built your server from scratch is likely the person who is assisting you with a question. We prefer this approach to technical support, because it guarantees that we don't waste our customers time and ensures we can solve your problem rapidly and efficiently..

Cloud HostingFast & Scalable

Behind the scenes our entire hosting platform is run on our in-house cloud infrastructure utilizing the time-tested Xen platform. With many customizations made for our use, our platform is both very fast and extremely reliable. Outages on our cloud platform average less than one minute annually on average, which is due to our extremely stable setup.

Your Split-Dedicated plan is easily scalable when you need to upgrade or downgrade. Need more power for an upcoming ad campaign or Holiday season? Simply scale up your server hosting environment. Itt takes just takes a few moments to reboot your server environment with the new resource configuration. One major advantage of our platform is that our Split-Dedicated plans run on the same environment as our Custom Dedicated Servers, allowing for easy scaling between our pre-configured Split-Dedicated plans and our custom systems. This easy scaling allows you to host extremely demanding sites handling millions of daily visitors.

High performance hosting is really what we pride ourselves on. Our Split-Dedicated plans are designed to provide the fastest possible hosting environment for high-demand platforms (like Magento). We've configured extremely fast server-grade hardware in order to make sure our customers experience the most extreme benefits of performance hosting.

AutomaticDaily Backups

Enterprise backups come with all of our managed hosting plans, including the Split-Shared and Split-Dedicated platform. We typically store at least 30 days worth of backups for every managed account. These are complete copies of your entire server or account, which we can utilize for disaster recovery purposes. Though we have never to date had a disaster requiring the use of these backups, we continue to invest tens of thousands of dollars into our backup system in order to maintain the integrity of our hosting platform.

Though we keep these backups for our own internal use, we also make available an exclusive paid Enterprise Backup Solution and Strategy to All of our clients. This exclusive cPanel tool allows our customers to access our historical backups for their account, giving access to recovering copies of files and MySQL databases. This service is provided as an annual subscription, costing less than five dollars per month for our basic subscription.

Don't know how to restore a backup? We already handle taking backups for you, but if you don't know how to then restore your sites - we've still have you covered. You can use our professional backup restoration service, which is included for free with our Premium Backup plan.

cPanelControl Panel

Ease of Use is the name of the game for cPanel. Whether you are new to web hosting or are a seasoned veteran, cPanel allows for easy and complete management of your hosting account with Crucial. You can easily manage your files, databases, domain names, and much more in real-time.

While many web hosts attempt to develop their own custom control panels to save money on licensing cost, we continue to utilize the extremely popular cPanel software suite. In addition to using the solid foundation for web hosting that cPanel provides, we develop many exclusive features that integrate easily into the cPanel control panel.

We offer too many exclusive features to mention here, but you can read about many of the Split-Shared hosting product features at this page and our Split-Dedicated hosting product features here. All of our employees have many years of experience managing and supporting cPanel servers, which allows us to very easily provide fast and efficient support to our customers on this platform.

Want more than one cPanel account? We have an exclusive tool integrated to cPanel to allow you to manage unlimited users on your server. As the "master user", you can create, modify, and delete cPanel users instantly with a click of a button. Isolate your development environments and other applications into their own cPanel account for improved security and organization.

World Class Technical Support Team

We're confident in our server management, because we know it's what has earned our reputation in the industry. Our server management is what drives our customers to refer people to our business and drive our organic growth.

Our team is ready and excited to work with you on anything that you need, and we're ready to show you what makes our management platform so special.