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Custom MySQL Configuration and Access

We know serious developers require hands on access to the MySQL service, which is why we've developed exclusive features for our Split-Dedicated and Dedicated Server platforms which allow for easy access to vital information and controls. Customers can quickly make configuration changes to the service, as well as view running processes and kill bad connections.

Serious access to MySQL for developers

Get all of the same control you'd have over your own customer MySQL installation, without the headache of managing it yourself. All of the important MySQL settings can be modified easily from our cPanel plugin, and changes are applied immediately.

Are your queries hanging? On our platform it's just one click in cPanel to see what's going on. You can very rapidly determine which queries are causing issues, and you can close their connection in real-time just like if you used shell and root access.

No MySQL techs required

Whether you are a seasoned MySQL veteran or new to databases in general, our exclusive tools make things straight forward. You don't have to pay for administrators to make sure things are running smoothly, everything is displayed effortlessly in our cPanel interface.

With our platform, you get access to see all open connections and terminate them individually (or all at once). You can restart the MySQL server, you can modify the parameters normally found in the my.cnf file, and you can view reports about the performance of your MySQL server.

Our In-house tool at a glance

Click some of the thumbnails below to see our convenient GUI for managing the MySQL server.

Easy MySQL Hosting

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