Our Network SLA

We offer a network service level agreement for our customers, which is designed to compensate them in case of a network outtage.

This article was last updated on August 14th, 2015

100% Network Uptime

Crucial Web Hosting guarantees 100% network availability for our public Internet network. In the event that our network does not experience 100% network uptime in a given month, Crucial Web Hosting will provide compensation in the form of account credits towards future customer invoices.

We've never had to issue an SLA, because we've never had a substantial outage on our network. While we want to offer a service level agreement for customers who require one, the terms below are used to detail its application.


In general we try to make our SLA as easily utilized as possible by our customers. We do have a number of stipulations which are explained here.

We require our customers to submit a ticket requesting the account credit in the event of an outtage affecting a customer. We will issue a credit amounting to 5% of the customer's monthly hosting cost for the affected product, for every consecutive 30 minutes of downtime affecting the customer. For instance, in the extremely unprecedented event that our network is down for 10 hours in a row, a customer can be issued a 100% credit for their next payment.

A network outtage in the context of our SLA is one which affects 100% of our inbound traffic, and does not apply to an outtage affecting an upstream provider or a customer's local ISP.

In the unprecedented event of a major outtage affecting a large portion of our customer base, we may apply credits over the course of a few months in order to insure the financial stability of our business.

This Service Level Agreement is effective as of August 14, 2015.

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