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Money-Back Guarantee

This article outlines the terms of our Money-Back Guarantee.

This article was last updated on August 14th, 2015

If you are not completely satisfied with our services within 30 days, you will be given a full refund of the contract amount.

This policy does not apply to any additional services such as domain names, overages, addons, reseller accounts, setup fees, or any fees associated with these accounts.

Accounts suspended, canceled, or terminated for violating our hosting policies do not qualify for a refund.

For example, if an account is suspended for resource abuse or canceled for spamming, no refund will be issued.

Please review the process for canceling your account, and the Terms of Service for details and restrictions.

All cancellation requests will be effective within 72 hours upon receipt.

Details & Restrictions

The 30 day money back guarantee offer is only applicable to credit card payments for Split-Shared hosting plans within the first 30 days of a hosting account sign up. Other forms of payment and hosting plans are non-refundable.

Split-Dedicated and fully dedicated server payments are non-refundable.

Money back guarantee refund requests must be submitted within the 30 day period after sign up to qualify. Cancellations outside our 30 day money back guarantee are not eligible for a refund or proration.

Effective Date

This Money Back Guarantee is effective as of March 18, 2013.

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